10 Most Beautiful Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Wings

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been going on for more than twenty years with some of the greatest supermodels walking down the runway with style. Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, and Gisele Bundchen are among the great beauty’s that have taken the runway wearing the marquee wings that are eye-popping and dazzle us every year. Here are some of the best wings from Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show.

1. Alessandra Ambrosio comfortably rocked with a six-foot wide, 30-pound set of wings, which are the heaviest in the show’s history, worn in 2011. The “Passion Play Fan Wings” design had Tons of Swarovski crystals, 23-carat gold plated discs, and featured a large light with dark blue stones.

2. Chanel Iman, during PINK in the 2010 show, walked down the runway in an expansive pair of bubbled wings, a 25-pounderwith different sizes of clear vinyl plastic balls held together using a complex side-riveting system that hides it in clear view.

3. The “Dream Girls”in 2014 show featured Lily Aldridge leaving aside the traditional wings for big velvet makeup puffs during Taylor Swift’s performance of “Blank Space.”

4. Adriana Lima went superhero with a cape design with comic-book like graphics on it in a segment perfectly titled “Super Angels”in 2011. She showcased herself as Wonder Woman well before Gal Godot came along.

5. Toni Garrn was the standout in 2012 wearing circular red satin wings designed to look like a giant poppy, kind of what you see in Britain with people wearing red poppies to commemorate Armistice Day.

6. In 2003, Adriana Lima wowed us (again, previously) with incredible neon sound waves installed in the clear latex panels and fitted with giant bass speakers to play some music as she walked.

7. Lindsay Ellingson turned herself into a mermaid with some giant clamshell wings as “swam” along the runway at the 2011 show. She was perfect in portraying The Little Mermaid.

 8. In 2012, Hilary Rhoda, who was declared Miss March in the calendar portion,gave honor to St. Patrick’s Day by wearing leprechaun-influenced wings complete with four-leaf clovers as wings. Truly, a luck of the charm.

9. Alessandra Ambrosio has a second set of beautiful wings here with her pair of orchid wings. An arrangement of handcrafted, handprinted buds are placed well along each wing, filled with 5200 precious gems including amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and colored diamonds.

10. 1n 1998, Tyra Banks became among the first to don on the traditional wings and she gave the ultimate pose as an angel. Traditional white, featured wings matching her bra and panties gave a classic look about what was to come all the way to today.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a worldwide showcase and the wings are the staple to the entire line of models. They go beyond with radical looks that redefines beauty every time, and it began with these wings in the past.