5 Shoe Styles to buy This Winter

Shoes are the most essential part of an outfit and finding the right style to suit your wardrobe can be nigh on impossible. Of course, it’s made that much harder when you take weather conditions and the latest trends into account. Fortunately we’ve put together a handy list for all your winter shoe needs so you know the top 5 styles for this season.

Lace Up Boots

The laced-up effect is incredibly stylish but is also really functional (think hiking boots and sneakers), especially in those winter months. Pairing the sexiness of a stylish boot with the reliability and warmth of a lace-up shoe, you’re onto a winner. The laces themselves can be mixed around to match any colour scheme you’re wearing and the boots themselves can be pulled as tight as you like giving you that little extra protection from the worst of the winter weather.

Block Heels

Block heels are bold, beautiful and brash, however, these statement pieces aren’t exactly well suited to the heat of the summer. The time for block heels is definitely winter and they’re definitely making a comeback this season so head out and pick a pair up, the brighter the better. You’ll love the style as well as the extra stability you get on icy days.

Combat Boots

There is nothing sexier than a combat boot paired with a dress, leather jacket and some thick tights. Combat boots are one of the best investments you’ll ever make as they’ll last you a lifetime as well as being amazing in any harsh weather conditions that winter can send your way. A timeless classic that never goes out of style, a pair of combat boots is absolutely essential for any serious fashion icon’s wardrobe.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels come in and out of style like there’s no tomorrow but this season they are definitely in. Kitten heels are perfect for winter because they add that extra bit of height, giving your bum and posture the lift that heels do, without making you precariously high in comparison to the ground. The roads can be treacherous come winter so kitten heels will keep you sure-footed even on the iciest of days.

Red Boots

Ankle boots, knee high boots, thigh boots, combat boots, it doesn’t matter what kind of boots they are, they’ll look better in red! So brighten up the dull grey days that roll through one after another in winter and add some colour. Red is definitely on trend this winter so whatever you’re thinking of buying, just check to see if it comes in red before spending your cash.

Winter is a tough season to get through but dressing with style can make it that much easier to deal with. So fall in love with snow, ice, rain and wind by buying smart and preparing for the worst but looking glamorous at the same time. It’s definitely worth it!