5 Tips to Buy Shoes That Are Right for Your Feet

Most people don’t pay too much attention to how their shoes will affect their feet after being worn and used for hours on end. Instead, they buy their shoes based on what brand or shoe model is trending at the time in order to seem fashionable and trendy themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this state of thinking, but when it comes to expensive shoes and the well-being of your feet, you should take into consideration how the shoes will affect your feet after being worn for a long time. Just because a shoe is trendy does not mean it is the ideal shoe for you to wear to your active job or during your busy lifestyle because you may end up with extremely sore feet at the end of your day. Here are 5 ways to try and pick out the right and best shoes for the good of your feet.

1. Thin heels may look great, but they are not always the answer- Though heels can be both fashionable and professional, it’s important to take into account the thickness of the heel itself and how your feet will feel after hours of walking around in them. It’s no secret most heels cause women a lot of pain, but with thicker heel, you will find it much easier to feel stabilized and will be in less pain at the end of the day.

2. Allow yourself a little extra room for your toes- Our ideal shoe sizes can sometimes leave our toes no room to breathe and your feet can end up squished and sore. Instead of being set on a hard size 7, try wearing a size 7.5 for example. The extra half size will keep your toes away from rubbing at the top of your shoes and will be all the more comfortable.

3. Try to buy shoes with thicker soles, or even medium height platforms- Thin soles can really do a number on your feet, especially if you are outside a lot. Soles are meant to protect our feet from the uneven and rough ground, but with a thin sole, you can pretty much feel it all. Thicker soles, or even shoes with a slight platform are a good and better alternative for your feet. Platforms are also very stylish and both men and women can rock them.

4. Stay away from pointy shoes, no matter how cool they look- Pointy shoes may be trendy these days, but for working day to day or going to long events, they really are not the best thing to wear. Pointy shoes cause your toes to be cramped and you can even get blisters between your toes if they are worn for too long. Drop the pointy tips and stick to more rounded tops which are much better for our feet.

5. Chose the proper shoe for your job- If you have a job that requires a lot of walking or outdoor work, you’re not going to want to show up in heels. Using common sense to see what shoes are right for what job is a good way to spare your toes and feet a lot of grief and is not at all hard to do.