8 Fashion Trends From The 90’s That You Totally Forgot About

Trends come and go. Sometimes, they leave positive marks on your childhood and some are just simply cringe-worthy. Most trends love having a comeback every after several years too. One of the famous era in terms of fashion is back in the 90s. Some fashion trends from that period of time are classic yet some are those that are worth forgetting about.

The 90s era seems to be a period of mixing the most grotesque fashion pieces to creating various odd looks that should just totally stay in the 90s. Although 90s fashion is fun, sometimes, you just can’t help but really try to forget about them.

Below are some fashion trends from the 90s that you totally forgot about. Some can make you feel a bit nostalgic, while the others can make you start questioning what have you been doing during that particular fashion era.

Let’s get down to business and travel back in time, shall we?

1. Over-alls

The comeback is real for over-alls in the past two years. Admit it, you also loved wearing them back in the day because they are comfortable and stylish. It is such a versatile and flexible type of clothing where you can stash almost a couple of stuff inside the pockets, especially when you are playing outside. People have mixed opinion on the comeback of over-alls. However, they do not look as bad, though.

2. Bucket Hats

Millennial pop superstars are giving bucket hats a chance to make its huge comeback after so many years. One of them being Justin Bieber. While we think that bucket hats are cool, we also believe that it is meant to just stay in its original era—which is in the 90s.

3. Vest Used As Shirt

Wearing vest alone in 90s is the epitome of being cool. Well, it did not stay for so long as this trend bid goodbye from the fashion scene almost immediately. Vests are fashion pieces that are not meant to be worn alone. We rest our case.

4. Black Dresses

While little black dresses are still in trend today, but in the 90s, these LBDs are such a hit that different versions were created back then. In the 90s, sassy and chic LBDs are the biggest hits and people loved wearing them. Seriously, we still do not mind if a lot of women wear them today. They are classic and well, very Jennifer Aniston.

5. Pedal Pushers

Pedal pushers used to be a fashion statement back in the 90s having been modeled by Victoria Beckham. However, they are just a pair of horrible bottoms that sit between the uncertainty of being shorts or trousers. We are not even sure how they are famous back then since they accentuate flaws more than highlighting your legs. Never again!

6. Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts made a huge comeback when Coachella became a hit thanks to celebrities wearing them in the recent years. Up until now, plaid shirts laid low but stayed in the market overtime. We do not mind wearing them again in this age. Plaids are classic!

7. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are making noise again in the late 2017, and they are predicted to become one of the biggest trends in 2018! For so long, we tried forgetting about the existence of these accessories because they make you look like a big party girl, but with modern twist, hoop earring returned looking so sassy and chic!

8. Track Suits

Way even Paris Hilton started wearing velour track suits, these athleisure pieces were already huge in the 90s. People prefer wearing them because it provides them ultimate comfort. Now, track suits had invaded the world of fashion again and brands injected some fresh twists to the classic favorites. We are still up to wearing them!