Here Is How You Can Choose Your Eyeglass

You might be wondering why eyeglasses can look good while on display but feels or looks so wrong when you try it on. The answer might be in the shape of your face. It is true that your face shape can either make or break your look when it comes to eyeglasses.
1. Know your Face Shape
In order to know what the shape of your face is, get a mirror, and pull back your hair.
-The oval-shaped face has balanced proportions.
-If your face is heart-shaped, you might have a wide narrow bottom third and a wide top third.
-An oblong face has a straight cheek line and longer than an oval face.
-Triangle shaped face has a narrow forehead and has wide chin and cheek areas.
-The round-shaped face has a curved line, contains no proportions and angles.
-Diamond-shaped faces have narrow jawlines and foreheads and broader cheekbones.
-The square-shaped face has strong jaws, broad foreheads. The length and the width of the face have the same proportions.
Eyeglasses ideal for different face shapes
-For faces with oval shape, choose eyeglasses that are wide. Eyeglasses that have walnut shapes are a good choice. They should not be too narrow or too deep.
-For faces with heart shapes, choose frames that have wide bottom areas. You can opt for rimless frames to have an airy appearance.
-For faces that have oblong shapes, choose a frame that has more depth than width. You can also add more width to your face by choosing frames that have contrasting temples.
-For faces that have triangle shapes, try some frames that have plenty of color accents. They should flatter the top brow of the frame. Choose frames that have cat-eye shapes.
-For faces that are round shapes, you should choose eyeglasses that will make your face longer and thinner. Narrow frames with a single bridge or a rectangular wide frame can be a good option for you
-For faces that have square shapes, you can soften the sharp look by choosing eyeglasses that have narrow frames. Eyeglasses with narrow oval frames are can also help in softening the angles.
-For faces with diamond shapes, you should opt for frames that have distinctive brow lines. This can soften the cheekbones and highlight your eyes. Oval frames, cat-eye shapes and rimless glasses can also be a good choice for you.

2. Identify your Skin Tone Eye color and Hair color
Skin Tones fall under 2 categories. Those are warm and cool. Cool complexions have pink or blue skin undertones, while warm complexions have peaches and cream undertones. An olive skin can be a mixture of yellow or blue.
Eye color can vary. Blue eyes have several colors ranges from pale blue-grey to violet. Brown eyes have warm and light cider shades to black.
Hair color can be a factor when choosing the proper eyeglass. Your natural hair color can be golden blonde, brown, black, blue, auburn, strawberry blonde, or platinum.

Frames for Every Hair, Skin, and Eye Color
The best frames for warm colors are gold, tortoise, off-white, honey, gold, beige, olive coral, orange, copper, khaki, and camel. Avoid pastels or contrasting colors as much as possible.
For cool colors, the best shades are rose-brown, silver, magenta, plum, silver, purple-blue, jade, pink, black and dark amber.
You should also consider your lifestyle. If you are into fun activities, you can wear glasses that are not susceptible to breaking and bending. If you want gaming glasses, opt to wear stylish frames that can enhance your experience while protecting your eyes at the same time.