Everything You Need to Know About Genuine Leather Belts

Somewhere on a piece of a leather-made item, the quality will be labeled as one of three categories: genuine, top-grain, or full-grain. All three have a different meaning and people think genuine means it is genuinely leather, 100% and not fake. However, that is a misleading word. Genuine does mean that, but not what you think it means. With genuine leather belts, buyers should be aware of what exactly they are putting around their waists with their pants. Here’s a rundown about genuine leather and its belts.

When looking to buy a fancy leather briefcase or jacket, let alone the belt, know what to look for in the leather. As mentioned, genuine leather does mean that it is made of real leather, but the leather is of the lowest quality of all goods made from real leather. Genuine leather does not last as long or even look as nice as top-quality leather. They are mainly applied in belts one can buy a regular department store, not a leather specialty store. This goes really with all goods labeled with genuine leather because they are glued and painted over to give a fake style. People who don’t care for that piece info will not mind buying it, but it is advised not to use every day or for any business use because the quick wear and tear will show. Who wants to see broken leather belt?

Here’s another factoid about genuine leather: it has a second name:”split leather.” In split leather, it is the lower layer of skin on an animal. Actual good leather uses both layers, also known as full-grain leather. (Top-grain leather, which only uses the top layer, is a bit less liked, but better than split leather.) Split leather is also cheap and is used on many things, including belts. The difference between this and genuine leather is that split layer doesn’t have the marks that give the belt the natural look of leather, making it difficult for people to tell if it is natural leather or faux. Split-leather is also not so durable, but the only upside to it is that it can be given a likable look.

Regardless, many companies produce and sell genuine leather belts because it is cheaper and people love the feel of wearing a leather belt. Leather belts and other things, like wallets and bags, make us luxurious to a point and give that sense of feeling good. It doesn’t look cheap until you actually see it or if you know it based on the terminology. With genuine leather belts, wearing it around your jeans or formal pants could be problematic if you keep on wearing them because they easily wear down and show its damage much more. So, when you see that label, buyer beware of what is actually genuine about the leather being used.