Fashion Trends To Sideline: Know What’s New In 2018

Now that summer is back, what are we going to wear!?  Past few summers looked a bit repetitive, but in 2018 it’s out with the old and in with the new. Here are a few trends expected to be sidelined.  Of course, these old styles have some lovable touches, such as the pom-pom funky embellishments and retro overalls.  The fashion trends come and hit the market that it is all over and this overexposure makes it for a short-lifespan and less special.

Here is listed a few trends of last year to fade from 2018 spotlight:

Off-shoulder tops

In 2017, shoulders were all around and now in 2018, we are going to shimmy away with it. Truly, they are a pain to keep adjusting consistently all the day and with a simple wrong move, you end up showing off more of your shoulders. Instead consider cold shoulders or random cut-outs offering a sexy appeal, even if the trend is going to be short-lived.

Denim overalls

Yes, overalls Denim was high last year and it is time to bid adieu.  It has to take a back seat with the entire forefront done last year.

Uncomfortable, towering heels

A goodbye in 2018 to towering painful shoes, instead look for better and comfy shoes. This year it is time to go with sneakers, cool flats, kitten heels and mules. Shape better moods with comfort zone.

Crop Tops

The year 2017 was all for the butt and this year it is all for the girls and cleavage. It is enough of the crop tops to go behind and bring ahead the tops that show the midsection of your bust. Of course, this will make you look more attractive than ever and all eyes to your top. Keep your crisp buttons downs and seek solace until September with this fashion disciple.


The trend of chokers has been going for long and so it is high time it fades from the fashion trend. It is no more a perfect outfit accessory.  Keep the chokers back in your closet.  Make upgrades this season, keep it minimal. Consider a few gold delicate necklaces or go out with sweet cherry print, even head to toe. Think now about layering long pendant necklaces, this is spotted on celebs and fashionistas. Get an effortlessly chick look by layering elegant gold chains.

Corset belts and chunky ankle boots

The peaked look with tight clothing and corsets of Kardashian style took its peak last year. Now in 2018, the belt trend is certain to take a side step. The same is with chunky ankle boots, it is a favorite of many and a loved style, but it is also worth trying something new. Why not consider some slouchier styles such as a suede pair that goes great with skinny jeans and also beneath a midi skirt doing the peeking out.

Claw Nails

Say no to claw nails that are longer. It is time to consider shorter or embellished nails this year. Do not allow your nails to dominate your living; instead keep it short and useful.