Tips for Buying Women Jackets

From trench coats to blazers, it is hard to choose with so much variety when buying a women jacket or coat. Luckily, this guide will help you get through the task by following simple tips that you need to consider when buying women jackets.
When buying a women jacket, pay attention to features like price, style, comfort and most importantly warmth. Read the labels carefully because synthetic material no matter how cheap might not always keep you warm. For example, polyester is not good for snowy regions, and can trap the smell of sweat inside the jacket. If you live in a rainy area, look for durable water repellent jackets which act as a coating against moisture.

Jackets normally come in down, synthetic and pile fleece insulation. The down feather has been in use for long, but it tends to clump up when soggy, and requires a dryer to restore the jacket to its original shape. Synthetic material does not pose this problem, but the jacket loses its insulation quality overtime. The pile fabric provides similar features as down and synthetic insulation, but the jacket material is limited in thickness and can only be used in least insulting garments. There are hybrid options available too which combine the advantages of different materials in the same jacket.

When choosing a women jacket, style is very important. You don’t want a jacket that is too puffy or does not suit your figure. For women with thin waists, belted coats with side pockets are a good option. These are so many features to look for in a coat or jacket like buttons, zippers and even pockets. You don’t want to buy a coat for winter with no pockets to keep your hands warm in.
Hoods are another important choice to consider. Whether you want fur or faux lined hoods or no hood at all is a matter of personal appeal. Removable hoods and removable fur features are great options because it lets you adjust your garment according to the weather. The hood material is very important and should be of durable material, Nylon is especially good for rainy weather, and can keep you snug in your jacket.
When buying a jacket, make sure you have enough room to wear layers beneath it. Some coats come with skinny arms and it’s impossible to slide into them. Make sure when choosing a jacket, you can easily bend your elbows, sit down and do other things without being at discomfort. A coat that makes you feel like you’re strapped is the last thing that you need.

Color tones are another important consideration when buying a women jacket. Neutral colors like black, brown and navy blue never go out of style and match with almost every kind of dress. Some jackets come with cute frills and fancy collars. You can always match different styles to get your perfect look. For example, orange or red coats go great with olive green pants.
Choose a suitable length that fits nicely with your body type. If you have a thin structure and short height, look for something that is long and reaches mid-thigh. For taller women, buy coats that go to mid-calf to complement the height. Women with average height can choose coats that sit just above the knee level. If you have a puffy frame, avoid bulky down jackets and look for something that does not seem heavy. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it and enjoy wearing outdoors.