Designer Or Discount Sunglasses, Which Way To Go?

You might think that a pair of sunglasses are a simple accessory – it’s literally two pieces of tinted plastic or glass that is in a metal or plastic frame. However there is a lot that goes into this rather straightforward design. From doing a little bit of research, you can discover that there is a lot the lenses of those glasses and each type of lenses has different effects.

So which one should you go for? Designer sunglasses? Or go for the discount ones? We’ll answer those questions by addressing the features that are most important to sunglasses. No matter what type of sunglasses you pick, the sunglasses you pick up should have these features.

Required Features

Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

Even though sunglasses are built specifically with that in mind a lot of sunglasses were built for show or don’t block out all that much. You know you have a good pair when the pair of sunglasses can completely block the ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Protection From Intense Light

Our irises are the ones that gather light and every day our irises need a certain amount of light. When our irises receive too much light, the iris automatically closes. The next step to this if the light intensity is still prominent is that we start squinting. If there is still a large amount of light like a bright summer day or light reflecting from the snow, we risk damage to the iris. When you have a good pair of sunglasses, they can block light from entering the eyes by up to 97 percent.

Protection From Glare

There are certain surfaces that reflect a lot of light. Snow is one example, but other surfaces like water and glass can create bright spots that are distracting and can even hide objects. When you have quality sunglasses, you can completely remove the glare because the sunglasses are using polarization.

Eliminating Particular Light Frequencies

Light has various frequencies and depending on the frequency they can blur peoples visions or even enhance contrasts. When you are looking for sunglasses you want to choose the right colour for the pair of sunglasses you want. Depending on what they are good at will determine where they’ll work best in what situation.

Which To Buy? Discount Or Designers?

With these features in mind let’s take a look at the sunglasses between those two. When you consider buying the discounted sunglasses you will certainly be getting them at a discount, but at the cost of giving up some of those features we mentioned above.

Sure some of them you could live without, however some can be worse. For example, when your pair of sunglasses has no UV protection, in a lot of cases the sunglasses will only serve to increase the exposure to UV rays. Furthermore if it doesn’t do a good job blocking UV It probably doesn’t block much light in general. With this your irises will get a higher exposure to light and you could eventually suffer from damaging your irises.

Because of this, it’s better to pay close attention to what the sunglasses actually provide you. Furthermore the price of sunglasses can fluctuate based on the brand name behind the glasses. But to say which is better really depends on what the features provide for the glasses. Regardless some of the top sunglass manufacturers are brands like Nike, Timberland, Gucci, and Kenneth Cole.