What Are The Differences Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Hair Wigs?

Whether it’s for cosmetic, prosthetic or convenience, people wear wigs for varying reasons.

If you are just learning about hair wigs, you may get easily confused with a lot of wig options that are available now. They typically come in different length, color, style, feel and comfort. So, which one is right for you? To help you get started, here are the two basic wig categories that you should know about.

What are Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs provide the most natural-looking and feel option. They are produced from harvested human hair which undergo strong chemical treatments for sanitation purposes and are often stripped away from their original color to produce various colors and curl patterns. Asian, Indian, and European hair are the most commonly used hair types for human hair wigs.

The Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wigs

Wig users who prefer to get the most natural-looking wig opt for human hair over its synthetic counterpart. Some of the advantages of using human hair wigs include:

1) Styling Versatility-Since they are originally human hair, they can be styled, permed or colored.
2) Lasts Longer-They can last for up to a year or more of constant use when properly taken cared of.
3) Natural Texture and Feel-They are available in different textures to match your natural hair texture.
4) Heat Safe- Unlike synthetic hair, human hair can be styled using heated hair tools such as flatiron and blow-dryer.

The Disadvantages:

1) More Expensive than Synthetic Hair
2) Prone to Color Fading-With constant light exposure, human hair will inevitably succumb to fading.
3) Requires High Maintenance- They need to be washed, conditioned and has to be styled frequently.
4) Labor Intensive When it Comes to Styling- Human hair requires more effort and skills when it comes to styling.

What are Synthetic Hair Wigs and How Are they made?

Synthetic Hair wigs come from artificial fibers, typically nylon fibers, which are manufactured to resemble like the human hair.

The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs tend to hold their shape even as they undergo repeated washings. Some of the advantages of using synthetic hair include:
1) Cheaper than Human hair- They are less expensive. You can purchase many styles and rotate them to achieve different looks.
2) Permanent Styling- Synthetic hair has ‘style memory’ so it retains its style and doesn’t require laborious regular styling.
3) Ability to Retain Its Color-Synthetic hair will permanently retain its color.
4) Easier to Use and Require Minimal Care-Unlike the human hair, they don’t need extensive care and maintenance. You can simply wash and dry them and they’ll return to its original style.

The Disadvantages:

1) Shorter Life-Typically lasting only four to six months with constant wear, synthetic hair doesn’t last as long as human hair.
2) Limited Styling-Unless they are designed to be heat-friendly, synthetic hair can’t be curled or straightened using heated styling tools. It also can’t be styled to achieve many different looks unlike the human hair.
3) Unnatural shine look-This is unnatural shine is particular noticeable among cheaper synthetic hair.
4) Color Changing is not Recommended-Changing the color of synthetic hair may damage the fiber.

Choosing Between Human Hair or Synthetic Hair Wig

Both synthetic hair and human hair wigs have their own advantages and disadvantages. But they make great choices for varying occasions. You may opt for synthetic hair that you can use daily and use human hair for special occasions and events.