Five Old Beauty Rituals Still In Use Today

Beauty treatments that are used nowadays can be traced back to the time when our very old ancestors lived. Sure enough, the saying that ‘old is gold’ has proven to be true to the core. Now that these old beauty rituals that were practiced across the world are gaining quick popularity, more brands of the same are being produced for use. It is quite interesting that these beauty rituals are adopting to the ever changing world of beauty and fashion. Here are 5 of these greatly applauded beauty rituals.

Five Old Beauty Rituals Still In Use Today

Hand creams

Hand creams come all the way from France and can be traced back to the 1700s.They followed a process of applying balms and moisturizers on ones hands then leaving them to dry. Nowadays, paraffin treatments take the same path. Warm wax is applied then wrapped and allowed to hydrate your hands whilst soothing the the end of the process, your hands will be more soft and beautiful. On the other hand, applying cream on your hands and covering them with gloves will give you the best effects of smoothness.


Turmeric is well known for its medicinal and healing properties. It recognizes India as its original home where it is found in plenty. A recent study revealed that curcumin, a compound present in the turmeric, has plenty of health benefits. It can greatly help reduce the effects arising from inflammatory and oxidative conditions. Besides, it has been proven to be a good immune booster. Its healing properties have also been used to treat wounds and infections for many centuries now.

Essence of rose

Turkey has for a long time now been the leading producer of this classic ingredient. Rose has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will wipe away the redness in your skin making it take the natural look. It also has antioxidants that hydrate the skin in the most effective way. Furthermore, the purified rose water has been used for over two centuries in Turkey as a beauty product.


This is yet another two-century old beauty treatment that has been used in China. It incorporates use of needles of varying lengths that softly puncture the body. Its benefits are countless, firstly, it stimulates the nervous and immune system then the lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems. Its beauty effects are even more beautiful. It can greatly help eliminate face lines and wrinkles and make your face appear as young as a teenager. It can also upgrade your pigmentation and properly improve your texture.

Five Old Beauty Rituals Still In Use Today

Heat treatments

Heat treatments have been widely used in Finland. The dry sauna when exposed to between 70 and 90 degrees Celsius of heat is said to have a number of benefits. To begin with, they can improve your circulatory health making your heart more efficient in pumping blood. Secondly, it can make the nervous system stable and able to respond to stimuli in the correct manner. Its counterpart, the infra-red sauna produces heat that can release the tension in the muscles leaving your body with an amazing relaxing effect.”