5 Beauty Moments in the Beautiful Game of The Women’s World Cup 2019

The different hairstyles and polished make-ups played a major role in ensuring the women’s world cup was watched. Here’s a collection of the beauty moments that stole the show:

5 Beauty Moments in the Beautiful Game of The Women’s World Cup 2019

USA’s Alex Morgan

Being the teams forward, Alex lead her team to not only scoring but also making the game look beautiful. While others were busy meditating and taking their naps, Alex would be in her bathroom showering before heading to her make-up room.
According to her, applying make-up is just like any other work and it requires time-no rushing This is what makes her stand out in the team of 11.
• Pur Cosmetics’ concealer.
• Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-hour Coverage Foundation.
• Basic eyeliner.
• On-brand manicure.
• Cobalt blue mani.
She has indeed gone to induct her team into the beauty form with the likes of Sydney Leroux abiding by the Amazonian foundation.

Brazil’s Marta Vieira da Silva

‘The devil is in the detail’ as the wise ones once said. Vieira has reinforced the saying because of the unique lipstick that she wears in every match that she plays. The Brazilian captain went wild on twitter when she wore a fiery red lipstick in the game against France.
Red is a sign of danger and when you see it, especially on the team’s captain, just know that there is an impending thrash. Marta herself said that she will use the red lipstick in all her games because it is the color of blood, the only fluid they are going to leave on the pitch!

Nigeria’s Francisca Ordega

Ordega surprised her home country’s fans by braiding her hair with purple and blue strands. The Nigerian forward (commonly known as the hair-changer) was so pleased to play with her new hairstyle and so was the crowd.
Initially, she had intended to input the white-green mixture from the Nigerian flag. Your guess is as good as mine concerning what changed her mind and what her next hairstyle might be.

Netherland’s Shanice Van De Sanden

A force to be reckoned with is certainly on its way to glory in the women’s football. We all knew that Shanice had it in her when she turned up for the tournament and became the most conspicuous player on the pitch. Here’s why:
• Leopard print buzz cut.
• Bold red Maybelline’s Cherry Chic Powder Matte lipstick.
• Black feline flick.
Just like Alex, Shanice swore to wear her lipstick throughout the entire tournament probably because it is good luck for her team.

5 Beauty Moments in the Beautiful Game of The Women’s World Cup 2019

USA’s Megan Rapinoe

Pink is the color! This has become the slogan for the USA forward who has made her hair to being hot pink. In the beginning of the competitions, Megan’s hair had some pink in it but after the tournament proceeded and became intense, she decided to make the pink become full blown on her head.
Sue Bird who happens to be her friend couldn’t help but tell how she was impressed with Megan’s evolving hair color-a fierce competitor’s style.