7 Most Embarrassing Outfits From The Red Carpet

We love red carpet moments since they leave us in awe of the fashion choices of our favorite celebrities. But every so often, we have that one (or several) guest making a fashion faux pas. We’ve rounded up the most iconic outfits during award season, for all the wrong reasons.

Whoopi Goldberg

While this isn’t only the fashion faux pas that Whoopi Goldberg made over the years, we thought we’d put this cheetah print floor length dress anyway. The dress was simultaneously too much and too casual for the red carpet. We could also throw in this dress she wore in 1993 to the Oscars – a weirdly cartoonish costume that couldn’t decide between being a villain’s ball gown and a court jester’s uniform.

Charlize Theron (Oscars, 2010)

Charlize Theron wore a lilac Dior dress to the 82nd Academy Awards back in 2010. While the color was beautiful on her, the rose coils on her bust was a sure no. She has since redeemed herself in the following years that she walked the red carpet for The Academy Awards.

Cher (Oscars, 1986)

One of the more iconic fashion dresser is Cher, and a standout choice she made was the black Bob Mackie dress to the Oscar red carpet. She paired with a humongous headdress that was a bit too eccentric for the red carpet. This was cemented as one of the most outlandish outfits ever worn on the Oscar red carpet.

Amber Rose (VMAs, 2014)

In 2014, hip hop artist Amber Rose turned heads with her Laurel Dewitt ensemble that looked like it was made of silver chains crisscrossing over her underwear. A bit too revealing, even for a sweltering afternoon on a red carpet in LA.

Bjork (Oscars, 2001)

Who can forget Bjork’s swan outfit? The Icelandic artist wore a dress designed by MarjanPejoski of Macedonia, that had a swan neck wrapped around Bjork and fluffy ruffles that mimic the pure white feathers of a swan. The weirdest thing was she also pretended to lay an egg on the red carpet…

Uma Thurman (Oscars 2004)

Another mistake made in white! Uma Thurman wore a Christian Lacroix to the red carpet that looked like a cloud of white tissue paper and tulle wrapped in a weird blue bow. While Uma Thurman has that otherworldly beauty, this dress didn’t do her any justice whatsoever.

BleonaQereti (AMA, 2014)

Musician and actress BleonaQereti shocked people in her revealing mesh dress that she wore to the American Music Awards. The shock factor is not quite worth it… she should have taken notes from Amber Rose’s red carpet stunt back in the VMAs of that year.

This is a lesson on “the Internet remembers forever,” especially fashion mistakes made on the red carpet. Taking fashion risks is always a gamble with Hollywood photographers taking evidence of the choices these performers make. Sometimes celebs just really need that professional second opinion on what to wear during awards season. Because when in doubt, it’s better to dazzle in safe style.