Celebrities Who Totally Stunned At The Camp-Themed 2019 Met Gala

The first Monday of the month of May has to be the most anticipated night in the fashion industry. It is time to showcase fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Where else would celebrities do something weird like this? This year, we had the Camp fashion style as the chosen theme.
For weeks, people were excited to see who would come out as the most camp of all celebrities at that evening. It was a tight race but some of the outfits stood out as the best.
These are the ones that managed to make an impression that was lasting.

Celebrities Who Totally Stunned At The Camp-Themed 2019 Met Gala

Lady Gaga

No one can do camp better than Lady Gaga. She is the one that practically brought bizarre to the music scene in a new and refreshing way. She had four outfit changes in one night. Brandon Maxwell did all her outfits. She arrived in a very huge fuchsia gown that was carried by several men. She strutted around and then took it down to reveal a strapless black dress. She then posed with an umbrella. She removed this dress too, to reveal a pink dress with oversize sunnies and an old school huge phone. She stripped even more to show underwear


Serena Williams

This was another Grand Slam for her on the red carpet. She wore a lemon colored Versace gown covered in pink leaves with matching yellow Nike Air sneakers that were made with Off-White. Talk about resplendent. A few hours later, there were memes made of this dress already. Some said nice things and others, not so much.


Awkwafina wore gold to her first Met Gala. It was a layered dress in Pleats made by Joseph Altuzarra. The makeup was shiny and it was well done to make her look like she was at one of her parties like in Crazy Rich Asians.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles showed up in an outfit that was gender fluid. The co-chair of the Met Gala wore a Victorian Pirate look that was too comfortable for the rough high seas. Gucci’s Alessandro Michele who is the creative director there did it.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox took the concept of fashion to another level with a black sequined gown. It was all ruffles. Even the train had ruffles. The gown was made by Christian Siriano.

Saoirse Ronan

The reign of Daenerys Targaryen has ended, because here comes Saoirse Ronan in her fiery costume that is as dragons as anything gets. She managed to pull off a look that would not have worked on any other star. She has the gritty look, she had the magnetism and she totally looks chill for a dragon.

Celebrities Who Totally Stunned At The Camp-Themed 2019 Met Gala

Billy Porter

Billy Porter made an entrance like no other. He decided to go with the ancient Egyptian look that was the staple of Pharaohs. He wore a golden jumpsuit that had wings and a gold crown that was made by the blonds. In addition, six shirtless men in gold pants and headpieces carried him in. This was inarguably one of the best showmanship acts that evening, beaten only by Lady Gaga and her ‘nesting doll’ show.