Fashion Inspirations from Coachella 2018

Not only was the recent Coachella 2018 one of the most talked-about festivals this year because of Beyonce’s jaw-dropping headliner show, but the clothing styles worn by the festival’s attendees are what most of us are rooting for.

As expected, this year’s Coachella has brought us a mix of eclectic and street style. The Californian desert was filled with what we can call as a ‘festival of fashion’, from boho floral ensembles to vintage denims, crochet tops and fluffy flip flops.

Here are the top 10 Coachella 2018 Fashion you can draw inspiration from:

1. Go Crochet All the Way

You might have noticed that knitted outfits were much more prominent than they usual are, in this year’s Coachella. Well, they sure looked fantastic, plus they come with a fresh spin this year with colorful tassels and rainbow flowers. Now, match it with a bold pair of earrings – aren’t they the perfect ways to jazz up a crochet look?

2. Keep It Cool with the Little White Dress

It’s high time for that little white dress to shine. A little white dress matched with an equally ladylike handbag is an easy way to achieve that casual yet cool look.

3. The 90’s Wide Leg Jeans is Back

If you still have your mom’s 90’s wide leg jeans, its time to dig it out from the closet as this pants deserve a major comeback. Match it with a cropped top and you’re ready to rock a head-turning look.

4. Slaying it With White Top

A lot of fashion setters and celebrities sashayed their way to the Coachella with a white top. And a white top sure, is a perfect way to achieve a clean and luxe look.

5. Blazer for the Win

Blazers don’t just belong in the boring corners of a corporate office. Pair it with a denim and edgy tee-shirt and you’re off for a perfect street yet smart-looking style.

6. Dare to Wear Over-the-Knee Uggs
Who would dare miss giving a look at the stunning Rihanna at the Coachella? As a trendsetter herself, RiRi served up a head turning look by wearing over-the-knee Uggs. And they look just awesome.

7. Rock On with the Western Vibes

Forget boho and go for an equally eclectic western style. A rodeo-inspired hat and a flowy dress simply look gorgeous.

8. Flowing Kimonos

Who says you can’t wear kimonos in the desert? A pair of cowboy boots and a flowing kimono was absolutely an ‘in’ trend at the ‘Chella 2018.

9. Denim and a White Tee to the Desert. Why Not?

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough enough of the denim and white ensemble, the timeless style was actually a hit and they simply rock at the desert with models no less than the likes of Bella Hadid wearing them at the festival.

10. Go Comfy with a Fluffy Flip Flops

Fluffy flip flops were definitely one of the most favorite foot wears at the Coachella. And for good reasons – they’re screaming comfort, what with the unrelenting heat in the desert. And as summer nears, they’re absolutely the footwear you would most certainly consider.