The 100 Year Old Luxury Jewellery Brand with an Amazing List Following

The 100 Year Old Luxury Jewellery Brand with an Amazing List Following

The Pradas, Fendis and Missionis are families well known for their reign in Italian fashion. However, there is one dynasty that people tend to forget only to realize that it has successfully completed its first century. Buccellati is the bespoke jewellery house I am talking about.

The Milan-based brand was created way back in 1919 by Mario Buccellati and it has slowly risen to become a worldwide brand. It has stores across Europe, Asia and in the US. Gianmaria extended his father’s jurisdiction back in 1970 and he has now handed over to his own son Andrea Buccellati.

Andrea is the creative director and honorary president with her daughter Lucrezia Buccellati as the co-creative designer. Lucrezia says that the Buccellati design and style is a talent that is in their family and the family’s tradition has been part of her since she was a toddler.

The Buccellati style can be dated back to the Renaissance when the rigato method was used to create sheen on gold. Buccellati brands are quite conspicuous because they have been technically handcrafted in a unique way. Andrea notes that their brand has invested in its own school in which it has undertaken to train highly skilled artisans to work with the family.

Maria Cristina who happens to be the brands marketing and global communications director points out that their fashion does not follow other fashion styles. This is one thing that has made Buccellati to stay on top of the game for so long while maintaining their ‘old is gold’ family’s tradition.

For instance, there is a crystal necklace that can be dated back to the 1920’s. The necklace is one of the most amazing designed by Mario Buccellati and therefore it stays in the family as a historical piece. The necklace is said to have been used by Eleonora Duse who was a great Italian actress during those days.

Famous celebrities including Rihanna and Jessica Alba find the Buccellati pieces appealing to them. Rihanna for example, was spotted wearing the Buccellati bracelets at Paris fashion week. A single piece can cost up to six figures but the amazing art is worth it.

Now that Andre, Lucrezia and Maria are behind the wheel, the brand has set its sights on to the Far East. 30% of Buccellati’s loyal customers hail from Asia and the family is expecting the percentage to rise.

The 100 Year Old Luxury Jewellery Brand with an Amazing List Following

The most important market that is popularizing and developing the brand at the moment is Gangsu Gangtai Holding. The Chinese conglomerate acquired a large stake in the company for itself in 2017 and it is now expanding rapidly.
The young people are part of the target group for the brand with many collections focused on the younger generation.

Lucrezia who is now at the age of marrying knows the best designs for the youngsters. The house is set to launch limited-edition pieces for the millennials later this year, maybe after celebrating 100 years of prosperity.