How Is Brexit Impacting On The Fashion Industry?

Is Brexit really improving the people’s take on fashion or is it just making us more sober shoppers? Here is a straw poll that was conducted by Ellie Pithers to show the people’s reaction to Brexit. We shall start with Ellie himself because he recently had gone shopping only to come back with an exhausted smile.

How Is Brexit Impacting On The Fashion Industry?

His browser showed that he had spent a slid 2 hours just going through black trousers and did not find one that pleased him. Regrets certainly came to him singly, how he wished he had spent this leisure time to find at least a bright pair of sandals or even better a scarf for that matter. Ellie is not alone, he has a large backup behind him. So, between Theresa May and Brexit, who is to blame?

Another guy said that he had had enough of black, he had actually discarded his black footwear saying that they were just boring. Other fashion insiders are also on the same case. The head of women’s-wear at Harods, Maria Milano said that what worried her most concerning Brexit was the delivery times. She also added that she was quite ready to wear sober things now that autumn is approaching so fast.

Katharine Hamnett on the other hand has become so depressed of the black color. Katharine who is the most passionately vocal of the majority that reported to the British Fashion Council that they were voting Remain has entirely expunged color from her wardrobe. Since the happening of Brexit, footwear and clothing tariffs have projected at a possible 11% as Retail Economics analyst claims.

Katharine reveals that she wears the Second Referendum New slogan T-shirts alongside her bestselling Cancel Brexit T-shirts. She goes further to say that she is so much ashamed to be British and that sometimes she feels that she should just quit wearing the T-shirts and wear a blanket on her head as a sign of embarrassment.

Away from the British outcries and on to one American who appears to be quite enthusiastic. He says that the Brexit gloom should not let them be doomed forever. His advice is that the victims of Brexit should now attend more meditation classes, apply lipstick and stay healthy. This is the only way one can overcome Brexit’s gloom especially now that it has a lot of black clothing and footwear in it.

The previous chief executive of Whistles, Jane Shepherdson partly agrees to this. She bought a nice Isabel Marant poplin blouse that makes her jump with delight when she wears it because of its big pirate sleeves. She suggests that it is important to make the pieces that appeal to her with those that give her joy in this time of gloom.

How Is Brexit Impacting On The Fashion Industry?

Reports show that customers are carrying out what we call ‘nostalgia buy’ with brands such as Batsheva attesting to that. People are just trying to console themselves with colorful clothing but for how long is a pair of black Valentino sandals going to match with a pair of black trousers?