10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make All The Time

It can sometimes happen that you dress fashionable and go overboard making some mistakes in the process. How you dress to your job or occasion reflects how ready you are for it just like dressing in your favorite gown to a construction site.

Wearing socks with sandals
Some women wear their sandals or open shoes with socks thinking it is fashionable but meanwhile it looks ridiculous especially in hot months. Rather than wearing socks with the sandals, you can give your legs that shiny look also protecting it from the cold by using some moisturizing cream.

Wearing tracksuits everywhere
Wearing your sport wears or tracksuits to everywhere you go to apart from the gym, workout space and at home is not advisable no matter how comfortable you are in them.

Wearing dresses that reveal too much
Yes, it may seem that leaving most part of your body open is sexy but actually, it is disgraceful and tempting when you wear clothes that reveal or show too much of your body parts. The rule is that you only reveal one part of your body and cover the other, like you can show the flesh on your top and cover the bottom appropriately.

Wearing clothes that are not for their age
Young girls who dress older their age or old women who still dress like they are still in their youths can get themselves embarrassed. Dressing according to your age is best for you as you get to respect yourself and age.

Not using accessories to match dresses
Adding some accessories such as necklaces, scarves, wrist watches or colorful hair bands to give your dressing that finishing look would help promote your fashion.

Wearing the wrong shoes for an activity
A lot of women are guilty of wearing the wrong type of shoes for an activity that doesn’t require it. It can make the person feel uncomfortable and unfashionable in them. Taking time to choose the right shoes for your dressing and event would prevent that mistake.

Poor or excessive makeup
Going overboard in the amount of makeup they apply and the quality of it can make them look more of a clown than the beauty queen they expect to look like. A little makeup is enough to give them that glamorous look.

Noticeable pant lines
Wearing dresses that allow their pant lines to be seen by the public eyes is a bad fashion mistake. They should consider dresses that smoothen the lumps of their pants and avoid wearing underwear that are exposed in their outer dress.

Wearing bras that don’t support them properly
A good number of women make use of bras that don’t give them adequate support or lift and makes them cringe every time in front of people. It can be quite embarrassing so instead they should go for properly fitted bras that can make them look slimmer.

Wearing oversized clothes
Most women wear oversized clothes thinking that they can hide embarrassing features of their bodies or under wears meanwhile it just makes them look way bigger than they look.