Choose the Right Dress for your Body Type

You are window shopping when you suddenly see a dress that you think is perfect for your upcoming date. It looks great and you decide to try it on. However, everything comes crashing down when you see that it looks actually bad. The problem lies in the fact that the dress is not for your body type. Before you lose hope, there is actually a guide on how to find the perfect dress for you.
Types of Body Shapes
In order to identify the shape of your body, take note of these three parts that you need to measure: your hips, waist, and your bust.

Apple Body Shape
People who have an apple-shaped body have broader and heavier parts in their upper bodies. They have big bust lines and it looks like the midriff is where all the weight is. Since all the weight appears to be gathered on the upper part of your body, the best dress to wear is the one with a deep V neckline. This creates an elongated illusion of your torso and can take away the attention on your upper body part. An empire cut is also an ideal choice in order to create balance.

Hourglass Body Shape
This is the most proportioned one among other body types. Hourglass has a well-defined waist and a proportionate top. This is the body that everyone craves. You should go ahead and wear fitted dresses and flaunt your curves. Wear dresses that will complement your waistline. You can also emphasize your dress with a belt.

Pear Shaped Body
The shoulders are narrow and the bottom part of the body is wide. The legs and the butt are also wide. You can create an illusion of an hourglass figure if you dress correctly. Strike a balance and choose dress that will pay attention to your upper curves instead of your lower body. A-line skirts or wide pants are the best choice. They add definition to your shoulders and bust while taking away any attention on your lower body. Sweetheart tops, crops, or V necks will properly balance your pear-shaped body.

Reveal and Conceal Techniques
The main thing to remember is to dress up to show off your assets and conceal your flaws.
If you have a long neck, consider wearing turtlenecks. A V-shaped neckline is the best option if you have a short neck and you want to draw attention to your middle body. If you want to conceal narrow shoulders, wear dark-colored tops. You should avoid boxy dresses as this does not define your waists and your shoulders might get a lot of attention. If you want to reveal your shoulders, you can wear a top that has wide lapels. A dress like the one the Duchess of Sussex on her wedding minus the veil can also work well to emphasize sexy shoulders.
For your bust, you can wear single-breasted jackets. Ruffles can give an impression that your body is voluptuous. Small busts will look best in empire-waist or horizontal cuts.