5 Fashion Styles That Can Make You Look Gorgeous

Your clothes can be a statement of what you feel for today. You don’t need to get expensive clothing in order to look gorgeous. You just have to find the style that fits you and choose colors that complement you. If you have the knowledge of what fashion style is right for you, you can walk confidently on the street and feel attractive at the same time.
Here are some of the fashion styles that can make you look gorgeous.

1. Know how to Dress for every occasion
Find a dress that can complement your body figure. You might think that opinions of people don’t matter but impressions might be important. That is why dressing the right way is crucial on how people perceive you. If you are going to a cocktail party, you can choose to wear a dressy-casual or semi-formal dress. You can opt for a unique look by wearing the dress a little above the knee and opting for a dress with unique designs. First dates are also important. If you are meeting someone for the first time, you might want to choose a nice shirt and a body-hugging pair of jeans. This applies to both men and women. The secret is to leave a good impression so that you can get a second date.

2. Wear Heels

Buy ones that have narrow heels so that your toes will not slide forward. You might want black pumps when going to a party after work. Black can also bring you instant sophistication and it looks elegant. Choose neutral pumps for lighter outfits or if you just want to stroll at shopping districts for the day. A statement heel can be fun to wear when you want to spice up your outfit. Wearing high heels can make you look tall, feminine, and ladylike.

3. Choose the right Jewelry
While clothes are your statement to the world, jewelry can serve as your punctuation. A wristwatch is good for everyday wear. When you are wearing jewelry inside your workplace, choose pieces that are not so distracting. You can choose emerald earrings if green is your outfit for the day. If you are going into a party, opt for diamond earrings especially if your hair is up. Wear one statement piece that will enhance your overall look.

4. Right colors
Make sure to know if your color profile is cool, warm or neutral. If you have dark or warm skin color, you will look flattering in yellow, red, or orange. You can wear a piece of clothing such as scarves that will complement the color of your eyes. Red colors can bring the rich hues of brown eyes. If you have a neutral skin tone, every color will look good of you. You can also never go wrong with black outfits. However, don’t wear black tops with black leggings when going for a casual look.

5. Perfect Nail Polish
You should choose a nail polish that will complement your skin tone. Nude colors are best for medium-toned skin. Pink is a perfect color for any skin tones. Bright fuchsias and vibrant pinks are eye-catching colors regardless of your skin tone. If you have pale skin, sky blue, violets, lavender, and navy blue can look good on you. Deep red colors are ideal for dark complexions. The classic red is good for fair complexions. For formal occasions such as job interviews, it will be a safe option to wear gray, beiges, and light peach shades. If you are going into a party, try to add some sparkles in your nail polish for a glam look.