How to dress amazing in your 50’s and 60’s

By the time you’ve hit your 50’s and 60’s you know what type of style you love and how you want to present yourself. When you’re in your 60’s you want to dress amazing but comfortably as well. It’s good not to take yourself too seriously and if you love floral patterns and prints, then go for it.

Some of the ways you can be comfortable and still manage to dress well include;

How to dress amazing in your 50’s and 60’s

Wear breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics are a great way to spend your fun days. The clothes are lightweight and comfortable. If you want to attend functions such as summer weddings or outdoor lunches, you could pair breathable clothes with more structured items such as a blazer or a nice jacket. This will give the look some balance.

Mix trends with timeless

Do not let anyone tell you not to follow trends or wear designer clothes. Jump on the bandwagon when it comes to seasonal color palettes and fabrics. This is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe fresh and current. At 60, you know what style you love and which clothes will make you feel and look amazing, so start there and try to get more of what you love.

Experiment with classy style

This is the time when family pressure and daily responsibilities begin to lift, children leave the nest, maybe you’ve retired and you have more free time to yourself. This is the perfect time to start enjoying yourself and have some fun. Your personal style should be about attitude and you should try to experiment with the nice clothes at your disposal.

Invest in accessories

Accessories instantly add more taste to your outfits. Accessories like scarves, bags and jewelry should be your secret style weapon and are a fun way of experimenting with colors and patterns that you would normally shy away from.

Keep your basic pieces updated

The basic items you may have in your closet like white tops, cardigans and flats should be kept current. Check out these items in your closet and remove those that may feel a bit too worn or outdated. Try to replace them with current and elevated fabrics like soft woven cottons and details that may flatter your figure.

How to dress amazing in your 50’s and 60’s

Have a few statement outer wears

A nice high quality statement outerwear screams sophistication and elegance. Whether you’re headed out to a function, a wedding or just around the corner, put on a statement outer wear and look more amazing.
You have had outerwear that keep you warm, but you could switch it up a little and have one that does that job and also looks elegant. Things like brocade, cashmere, fur or a color that stands out cannot be missed.

While you’re thinking of upgrading a few pieces in your closet, try to donate some other things that may be in there that you won’t need. Some hemlines that hit above the knee should be donated if they do not work for your style or body shape anymore. You can still look sexy in age appropriate clothes like a nice pencil skirt.