Fashion tips: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Today’s fashion

In these days when the image is so important, we all want to be fashionable. Being well dressed makes us feel confident, however, there is no single recipe to achieve the desired results.
In addition to the obvious fact that we all have different tastes, it is also true that there are several types of bodies, therefore, not all of us can wear the same. But do not worry, many designers, aware of this reality are increasingly concerned about these markets composed of women whose bodies do not belong to the group traditionally exposed by the media.
Fortunately, for each body there are different tips that can help us no matter what type of body you have. Now, while it is true that each woman is different, the vast majority of women can be grouped into 5 big groups. below, we present some of these tips depending on the shape of your body

Triangular Body

Are those women whose figure is formed by small busts, well defined waist, wide hips. the trick for them is in balancing the hips with the shoulders
– Choose dresses or blouses with bows and incorporate belt to your clothes so the waist shows.
– Use skirts and plain pants and prints on the top.
– Dress a deep neckline or v-shaped to look more stylized.

Inverted Triangle Body

These women have large busts, undefined waist and narrow hips. The shoulders should be disguised and the hips should be increased
– Use light colors above and dark colors below, this will highlight your hips and legs in contrast to your bust and shoulders
– Forget about blouses with straps. Remember that the idea is to disguise above and draw attention to the bottom.
– You can wear striking prints at the bottom, like horizontal stripes and floral prints.

Apple Body

These are the women with small shoulders whose volume is enlarging as they move down, even so, they are of undefined waist and thin legs. The idea in this case is to mold it so that it looks like the guitar type
– Do not wear tight clothing on top.
– Choose clothes that enhance your breasts. The v-necklines stylize your neck and show your bust. however, decorated necklines and bare shoulders are not recommended
– Choose blouses that fall below the hip.

Straight Body

The bust and the hips are proportional, but when not having a defined waist the curves do not become prominent. If you have this type of body, you should accentuate your waist
– Forget about using any square style.
– Wear empire style dresses, tight under the bust and long hips, these will shape your waist
– Choose straight pants, wide leg. Find which one feels better depending on the length of your legs and hips

Guitar Body

It’s the most desired type of body. If you have this type of body, you are a privileged person. This type of body is characterized with pronounced breasts and hips in addition to a well-defined hip. here are some tips to highlight your figure
– Take advantage of the skirts that mark your waist and the tight at the height of the hip.
– Use belts at the waist or a little higher, just below the bust
– Avoid at all costs garments too loose that make you look square and without curves