Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Men

It can be sometimes very difficult to find the right clothes, shoes or wardrobe options for huge guys because most men fashion retail stores don’t have the time, money and energy to satisfy the fashion needs of men with this body shape.

Wear slim jeans or trousers
Men under the plus size category should go for slim legged jeans or straight cut jeans rather than a baggy or bogus jeans because the slim jeans would make your legs look longer and more appealing though, you should avoid making them super-slim as they won’t match your body shape. Picking a black or charcoal grey color for your jeans is the best as the darker it is, the more appealing it looks on you. It is paramount to wear your trousers or jeans slightly above your waistline as they would ensure your stomach appear slimmer and give your legs that longer look.

Wear shirts or tops that fit your size
Avoid buying, choosing or wearing shirts that are too big or too small for your body shape, a fitted shirt that has been tailored to your shape should do enough if you want to kill with your looks. You need to consider and compare your arm length, chest size, shoulder width and arm width to that of the shirt in order to ensure you obtain a fit shirt. Also, your shirts should have stiff collars and shouldn’t be slim fit as they would help elongate your neck and would not look nice on you respectively.

Dressing for the gym
When going to the gym for some workouts it is necessary not to wear non-dry fit tops that are grey or light in color as they can show all the sweat marks from the exercises. Along with non-dry fit tops, you need to avoid wearing very short shorts and tight tops during workout as they can make you uncomfortable and disrupt the progress of your workout. In their places, you can wear free fitting tops though not too large that won’t hug to your body and also not be dangerous to you.

Match your dressing with some accessories
Selecting hats, caps, glasses, scarves, wrist watches, bags and other accessories to wear with your slick clothes and shoes would help draw eyes away from your torso that may look huge or big. Although, you need to be careful on the type of accessories you wear with your clothes as accessories that are too bling or less attractive can cause a disaster to your dressing and fashion.

The color of your clothes
It might be thought that black is the best color to choose in order to look slim but, an overdose of it in your clothes can make it palpable that your trying to hide your shape. Black is not the only color that can help hide your shape as adding grey, deep green or navy to your black can still do the job. Adding these colors a times can help brighten your look.