10 Most Popular Hairstyles of the 80’s

The 80s could be characterized as the decade of big things. Especially in fashion. Big hair, big shoulder pads, high heeled shoes… they were everywhere during the 80s. Androgynous styles were also prevalent among the style trends of the season, with both men and women sporting the same hair styles and clothing.

Big hair

Huge hair with lots of volume was THE iconic hairstyle of the 80s. The naturally straight and sleek hair of the past decade were overtaken by people wanting their hairstyle go taller and higher as the 80s went on. This, of course, was done with the aid of a ton of hairspray to keep their hair as fluffy as possible throughout the day.

Perms and curls

Big hair was achieved by having perms done in the salon. It gave people the voluminous hair without having to put them in curlers every single day. Just take a look at your mom’s pictures from this decade, we’re sure she’s sported a perm or two during this decade.

The high ponytail with a scrunchie

The high ponytail tied in a scrunchie is a classic hairstyle of preteens and teenagers during the 80s. A scrunchie is large, brightly colored, eye-catching hair tie made of fabric that teens in the 80s were guilty of sporting everywhere. Despite the bad rap it earned in consequent years, the scrunchie was very popular during this decade and is slowly becoming cool again in the 2010s with celebrities stepping out with a scrunchie on their head.

The mullet

This hairstyle was all about being business in the front and party the back. Celebrities like Cher made the mullet famous during the 80s,

Crazy, wild, punk hairstyles

The 80s also saw the rise of punk culture, and with it were mohawks being seen on more heads than ever before. Self-expression was taken to a whole new level as people were more open to dying their hair crazy colors like bright red and yellow, sometimes two to three colors on one head!

The Princess Diana

Princess Diana was always the style and fashion icon, so much so that her signature haircut made women all around go to their hair salon to ask for the same cut. It was a more demure interpretation of the ongoing big hair and androgynous hairstyles of the time. The cropped and fluffy hairdo cemented the People’s Princess status as a hair icon for the masses.

Hi-top Fade

Another hairstyle that pandered to added height was the high top fade inspired by hiphop groups the likes of Salt-N-Pepa and Kid ‘N Play. The hair was kept short on the sides while the top was left to grow between trims. It soon became the symbol of hip hop music as the decade progressed.

Short fluffy bobs (with bangs)

A subtler take on the big hair trend was the fluffy bob inspired by teen pop idols like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany Garwish. This was another hairstyle popular with teenagers in the 80s, who are now known as Gen X.

Fluffy bangs

The love for hairspray and big hair extended to women styling their fringe bangs to create the illusion of volume. Sky high bangs were made possible by tons of teasing and hairspray to keep them staying up against gravity.

Jheri Curls

Popularized by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson rocked this curly ‘do during the 80s. Hairdresser Jheri Redding came up with this hairstyle back in the 70s but it was only when MJ chose to put on this look did it start gaining love from the people.

Did we miss anything? What was your favorite 80s hairstyle?