5 Fashion Items Every Man Should Own In Their Closet

Having a closet that is full of clothes is not important if you do not have some basic items that every man needs. There are basic necessities that every man should have to ensure that they have a go to option when they are in a hurry or when they do not feel like dressing up too much.

Must have items in a man’s closet

A good suit

A great suit is one piece of clothe that every man should own. This is because with a suit, you can never go wrong when attending corporate and social events. A well designed suit will give you a formal and business like appearance and still leave you looking fashionable. It is advisable to go for suits with dark colours as these are more formal.

A good watch

A watch is a must have item for every man. While one may have many watches, it is important to have that one decent and expensive watch that you can wear when you want to leave an impression. The great thing about watches is that you can wear them with anything whether you are going for the casual or office look.


As a gentleman, one gets invited to various sporting and other outdoor events. The best thing to wear during these events is a bold colored t-shirt that will leave you comfortable and ensure you are not too sweaty. One can have multiple t-shirts where one can be sporty and specifically for sporting events while others can be polo t-shirts that can be worn or during other formal events.

A sports/bomber jacket

A bomber jacket is a fashion sensation that has existed for a long time. The good thing about this jacket is that they will leave you looking good whether you are wearing a t-shirt or shirt underneath. When you have a bomber jacket which is of a bold colour, you will be able to wear it with anything and still achieve any look that you want be it formal or casual.

Good sneakers

A great pair of sneakers is ideal for any occasion. With sneakers, you can be able to go to the gym, take a jog, hike and even wear when going to work. Sneakers are especially a must have for those who do not love to wear official shoes. Wearing a pair of good and decent sneakers with your suit will also give you a formal look. White sneakers are especially ideal for every occasion. One has to however ensure that their sneakers are always clean.


Most men do not have a lot of items in their closet. It is however important to make sure that you have some items that one can wear and look fashionable. These must have items will ensure that you always have something that you can go for anytime and still be confident that you are looking great. Investing in these items is hence utterly important.