The Bad Girl Style, How To Achieve The Perfect Look

The Bad Girl Style, How To Achieve The Perfect Look

Being a bad girl is cool. The only problem is most of us are just good girls trying to nail the look in vain. It’s hard to look like a bad girl in a floral dress. You don’t have to be a tomboy to nail the bad girl look. You can look sexy, feminine and very elegant while nailing this look. Some of us don’t have it in us to pull off this look naturally so here are some of the simple ways you can pull off this look.

Put on a leather Jacket

Leather jackets communicate style and sexiness. It’s difficult not to look good in a leather jacket. If you like a minimalist style, you can pair the leather jacket with simple skinny jeans or a cute skirt. Black works fine but if you want to go bolder look for your favorite colored leather jackets

Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots will add a couple of inches and make you feel sexy while walking in them. Pair them with a short skirt, shorts or even skinny jeans if you don’t feel like showing some skin some days. Either way, they are guaranteed to turn heads because even if they don’t see you, they will hear you coming.

Big sunglasses

Sun glasses instantly add a level of coolness to every nice outfit you choose to put on. They are synonymous with celebs’ street styles and for a good reason. They add a level of mystery and your look will also be a ten over ten. Find nice dark shades and accessorize with it to attain that badass look
If you have to wear specs all the time, you could also look for glasses with different frames. They could end up revamping your whole look. The right pair of specs may make you look a lot hotter and better.


There’s nothing sexier than fishnet stockings no matter what you wear them with. Whether you choose to wear them with shorts, a dress or a skirt, they still manage to make you look amazing. If you pair black fishnet stockings with the right skirt and heels, you will look hot. They also go well with ankle boots.

A denim jacket

Never underestimate the power of denim jackets. They may look simple but those that have embroidery, pictures or pins may end up adding more life and a stylish look to your overall outfit. They not only make you look more trendy and confident, but they are timeless and always keep coming back in style

The Bad Girl Style, How To Achieve The Perfect Look
A little black dress

There’s nothing that screams femininity and sexy more than that little black dress that may be in your closet. Depending on your personal style and the style of the dress, you can choose to wear with a pair of badass boots, high heels or even converse and still manage to achieve that sexy bad girl vibe we’re talking about. Speaking of which, get that little dress if you don’t already have it in your closet.

Remember that to be a true badass girl, you have to be very confident in your looks. Believe in yourself, rock your look and don’t feel shy about what people might say. If you like how you look and feel confident in your clothes, then no one should be able to make you feel like you don’t look good.