How To Dress Expensively Without Overspending

You may want to look really good and dress expensively, but the only problem is you don’t have the money to pull it off. Don’t worry, there are a lot of fashion hacks out there that will enable you to look like a million bucks while spending within your budget. Some of these amazing hacks are as follows;

How To Dress Expensively Without Overspending

Put on a blazer

Blazers add a polished look to any outfit you put on. Blazers are versatile and you can wear them with a dress, a pencil skirt and white top or even with jeans and a t-shirt. Black blazers are the most common, but don’t restrict yourself to those only. Try adding a touch of sophistication to your look with striped, blue or even pink blazers as they are excellent pieces to complete a look.

Wear well-fitting clothes

This advice cannot be emphasized enough. Wear clothes that fit you well as those will give off an air of wealth and expensiveness. If you have an hour-glass figure, wear fitting clothes that accentuate your figure. If you want to conceal certain areas, the wear slightly loose clothes that flow when you walk but avoid wearing clothes that are too loose or ill-fitting.

Wear pointed shoes

Women that wear heels or flats that are pointed have a look that screams expensive and wealthy. Try buying pointed black or nude pointed shoes because the y are versatile and can go with everything.

Carry structured bags

Carrying structured bags make women look more polished and expensive. These types of bags complete the expensive look because they have simple lines and hardware that makes an outfit look complete. You can buy structured bags that are within your budget and a few that can go with most of your outfits.

Wear sunglasses

Celebs are known to strut around towns or along streets wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses make you look more cool and collected. They also enhance your look and make you appear more polished. The fancier the sunglasses the more expensive your outfit will look. Invest in a pair of nice sunglasses that are within your price range

Wear beautiful statement jewelery

There’s nothing that screams polished more than statement jewelery like big necklaces and cute earrings. Fancy jewelery adds a polished look to any outfit. Even when your outfit is simple and plain, like black pants and a white top, adding statement necklaces, earrings or bracelets instantly makes you look more polished.

How To Dress Expensively Without Overspending

Coordinate the color of shoes and bags you wear

If you are wearing a black pair of heels, carry a black bag and if you are wearing a brown pair of shoes then carry a brown bag. Co-ordinating your shoes and bags go a long way in making you look more classy, sophisticated and expensive. You can also try wearing black shoes with a nude or solid colored bag like pink.

The last but not least tip of advice is to buy one piece at a time. If you are on a budget, you don’t have to try and buy everything at once. Buying one piece at a time will enable you to buy something that is well made and of high quality.