How To Dress Well On A Budget

You don’t have to have a lot of money to dress good. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity. Once you learn the art of shopping on a budget and bargaining, your closet will be filled with cute and affordable clothes that are able to express your unique style and personality. Once you start evaluating and making smart decisions while shopping, you will be able to dress how you like with the little budget that you have until you get the money to start dressing however you desire.

How To Dress Well On A Budget

Create a spending budget and stick to it.

Shopping on a budget is very difficult especially when you want everything cute you see. Try to be honest about your budget and plan for it. This will enable you to get all the basics that you need first, whether that is flat shoes, a jacket or some jeans. After getting the essentials, you can now be able to see if you can afford those high heels you’ve been admiring.

Try to shop out of season

Doing your shopping before the season comes is a great way to build your wardrobe based on the budget you may have. Look at your closet and see what you will need for the following year. You can try to buy suits for January, winter coats and boots in late February and swimsuits in late August. Buying these clothes when they are not in season will help you save more money because prices tend to get higher than usual when everyone is buying them when the season comes.

Don’t splurge on trendy stuff

Trends come and go. Splurging on every designer trendy piece that comes into the market ends up being costly. When you stop chasing trends, you will be able to buy the basic pieces that you need and a few trendy pieces that can make your wardrobe pop.
If you want to have a few trendy pieces that you can wear, try to look for them in clearance racks and outlet malls. This will prevent you from spending your clothing budget on items you will rarely wear.

Avoid buying clothes that are dry cleaned only

Whether you want to purchase polyester pants or silk dresses, first look at the cleaning instructions to avoid paying a lot of money for dry cleaning every month. Maintaining dry cleaning items will cost you more to maintain in the long run. Try to invest in low maintenance pieces.

Try paying with cash

When you pay with cash, you’ll be able to physically see how much you are spending and how much is left. When you can actually see how much money you are spending, you’ll be able to be more conservative with your spending. Using a credit card may result in overspending because when you cannot physically see how much you are overspending, money becomes an idea as opposed to something real.

How To Dress Well On A Budget

Have Patience

This process can be long and slow moving. In the long run you will be able to have really amazing pieces for even more amazing prices.