Fashion For Beginners: Developing A Sense Of Style

First. Why develop a sense of style?

We all should have a style. A style tells the world who we are, how we think. It identifies us. Now, that message have to be delivered properly. That’s why having a sense of style is important. Now, not everyone has the gift of style. Many of us need more practice than others, but there it is the good news, like any other talent, style can be developed and here you are going to learn how to do it.

Be yourself

We know it, its cliché, but it’s also truth. The entire point of this is to send the right message. And no only to others, but to yourself. Having a style that makes you comfortable affects positively your entire been. If you wear what you want to wear and you think it looks good, it will look good on you! And then, with that confidence that you now have, you’ll be free to try other things that will show more of yourself to the world, which lead us to are second point

Have fun

Yes, style is important, but is not a life or death matter. Have fun, play with things, do unthoughts combinations. Remember, there are no rules. Try new things and if you are not comfortable with how something went one day, well, then try something else next day.

Observe, study, why not? copy

You are not inventing anything. There are tons of articles, blogs, twitter and Instagram accounts, etc. from where you can get ideas. Get informed about what’s new, what is going on in the fashion business. There is nothing wrong with taking some combinations out of the style of a movie star or an influencer you admire, you have to start somewhere and they actually want that. That’s why designers want them to use their works, so people like you and I buy the same.
Now, remember that this is just for starting, the point of this is to develop your sense of style so you can later choose whatever suits you best.

Essential clothing

We’ve said that the are no rules, and that’s true, but let’s just say that there are a few basics tricks to make everything easier. One of those little basic tricks is to have some regular, not at all extravagant clothes that will make the others stuffs more striking. We are talking about some classic jeans or some soft colored pants and shirts. This way, when you use your statement piece it won’t have to compete with anything else in your outfit and all the attention will go right where is intended to go

Final touch: accessories

Accessories are the cherry on the cake. But be careful, you don’t want to have more than one statement piece so you have to decide if the accessory will be the star of your outfit or a complement.
In conclusion, do it for you, play with it, imitate, have 5 to 10 statement pieces and combine with accessories and you’ll be on your way to having developed your own sense of style