Flattering Fashion Tips For Women With A Smaller Figure

Usually girls are always trying to look thinner. They use all kind of tricks, but there are other types of girls, those that already are too thin and want to add some volume to their look. If you belong to this group, don’t worry, there are also some tricks that you can use to look more voluminous and here we will show them to you

General Clothing

-Wear bright colors: This increases the thickness of the body due to the optical illusion that generates
Dress a single tone for all your outfit. This way your figure will look longer and, if you look longer, your thinness will be “justified” in the observer’s view. Let’s say it’s something like distributing the thinness.
-Horizontal stripes. Again, it’s all about fooling around. Horizontal stripes will make you look less thin
Jeans at the hip. Wearing a low cut will highlight your curves. Another trick that you can use combining it with this is to use a blouse and put it inside your pants, so you will add volume to your hips
-Dress in layers. During winter and fall this is a great option. Instead of covering yourself with one piece, think about playing with what’s in your closet and combining several pieces. It all adds up. A coat, a scarf, shirt, etc.
-Bell bottom pants. Remember, the trick is to cheat the eye, we have already done it with colors but the shapes can also deceive the human eye. Bell bottom pants generate an effect that makes you look curvier. This same principle applies to skirts. If you want to wear skirts, the recommendation is that they should be adjusted to the waist and then loose.
-Dress shirt with details on the buttons, folds, central lines. Everything is about volume, volume, volume. But be careful, you do not want to wear something that is to big for you
-Another trick in this same direction is to use strong fabrics, in this way the fabric itself will create the curves we want to achieve. You just have to be careful that the piece you wear has not a very straight shape, this is contrary to what we want

Let’s go to the beach

-If you are afraid of going to the beach because you have to show your body, do not worry, just by choosing the right bikini you will see spectacular. When buying the bikini, choose one with prints, details and bright and strong colors.

What not to wear

-Avoid black. The black color gives us uniformity, disguises the changes. The least we want is to hide our curves. For that same reason we should avoid straight attire.
Avoid the extreme. We do not want to wear very tight clothes, it is the opposite of what we have been doing so far, but not very loose clothes either. Very loose clothing will show that we are using sizes larger than ours and will accentuate our thinness