Gym-Wear Trends to Follow – Summer 2018

A gym workout has a lot of benefits. It makes you stronger and healthier. You can even gain new friends and learn a lot from instructors. However, it can be hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym every day. Motivation is hard especially if the clothes that you are wearing are the same almost every single day. If you are out of ideas, here are some of the gym wear that is recommended for the summer of 2018.

1. Neon Outfits and Pastels
Neon outfits can brighten up your day. You can do jumping jacks while seeing the color of your shoes. This can motivate you to do more jumping jacks. Sorbet shades are in today. Choose colors such as lavender, blush hues, and dusty blues. They can be pleasing to the eye because they can look neutral. You can wear primary colors when heading to the gym if you are tired with the black and brown top that you are always wearing or a full week. Cool colors like emerald green, aquamarine, shocking pink, or frostbite can be the answer to keep your day going inside the gym.

2. Camouflage Outfits
Camo prints are in today. There are a lot of shops which offer camo bras and leggings. If you are bored with your plain-colored outfit, then camouflage tops can be the change that you are looking for. You can mix and match the tan, sage green and gray color in your gym outfit for the day. You might be hyped up to get ready for another combat inside the gym.

3. Latticed Mesh Outfits
Meshed tops are in today. You can put a large patterned meshed top on top of your sports bra. This can make you less sweaty and this is breathable enough when exercising. You can opt for a tiny – patterned top that has a lace design if you are feeling sexy today.

4. Cropped Sports Bras with Logos
This might be the perfect time to show off your favorite brand. You can wear a sports bra with a Nike, Adidas, or Calvin Klein on its strap. This can turn you into a head turner while you do those pushups. You can also choose sports brassieres that have mesh panels, embroidery, lace-up accents, or with intricate details. These bras can offer you maximum comfort and support while being fashionable.

5. Crop Tops
Sleeveless tops are in when it is the summer season and you are sweating hard. However, you can ditch the sleeveless top and go for a full sleeved top the next day. You can still use the full sleeved top when winter comes and you need to protect your arms during a long chilly jog.

6. Sheer Fabrics and Metallic Wears
Metallic shades such as gold, copper, metallic blue, and silver are popular today. It can give you the same vibe as going into a party. A lot of brands continuously improve their sheer and metallic fabrics for gym goers to provide maximum comfort. The translucent accents, especially the rose gold fabrics are in demand today. The approach to improving the sheer fabric is wide. There have been perforated fabrics, unique cutouts and intricate lacing that is seen in today’s gym outfits.

You can come up with your own mix and match outfit with other casual pieces. Different colors of sneakers, sweatshirts, leggings and ready-to-wear sports bra can be used as your outfit for the day. Make sure that your gym wear is comfortable and you can move freely when exercising. It would also help if you are making heads turn your way when you exercise.