Minimal Fashion- Less Is More

A lot of fashion items are mainly very colorful and made up of different colours and prints. There are however various ways that you can achieve a minimalist look. This is a look where you will look more calm and bold as you will only have fashion items that are of bold colours. A minimalist look is the thing to go if you want to look more formal and not attract a lot of attention.

Minimal Fashion- Less Is More

How to achieve a minimalist look

Wear bold colours
One of the ways in which can achieve a minimalist look is ensuring that they wear bold colours. This does not necessarily mean that the colours have to be dark. You only have to wear clothes and other fashion items that do not have shouting colours. You can wear this look to the office and to other events.

Avoid patterns

Most people wear clothes that are patterned. This can however be prevented by making sure that the clothes choices have a plain style. Having patterned clothes is not an ideal minimalist look patterns are shouting and they attract much attention to the patterns. There are a lot of choices that you can make when avoiding patterns.

Do not mix a lot of colours

Most conservative people prefer to wear a single colored piece of clothes. While mixing colours in dressing may be the modern day fashion, a person who decides to have a minimalist look will not pay much attention to this trend. They will however choose to go with either one o two colours from their head to their shoes. Not having to choose a lot of colours will make dressing very easy as you will not have to spend a lot of time deciding on how to pair your clothes.

Wear less clothes

One ideology that most minimalist people have is to ensure that they do not wear a lot of clothes. They ensure that they wear just enough clothes that will leave them confident and stylish. You do not have to look overdressed for you to look fashionable. Wearing basic clothes that will cover the most important parts will ensure that you achieve the perfect minimalist look.

Do not attract attention

This is the basic rule that applies to all people who are minimalists. They ensure that the pieces of clothes that they wear are those which will not attract too much attention. These clothes do not however have to be dull or not fashionable. They just ensure that they do not overdo their dressing and that they look stylish in a simple and effortless way.

Minimal Fashion- Less Is More


It is very easy to achieve a minimalist look. This look mainly applies to conservative people. However, other people are embracing the look as well and they are beginning to see it as a fashion sensation. The one thing that you have to put in mind when you decide to go minimalist is that you do not have to wear bright colours that will attract too much attention.