New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

People never make New Year’s Resolutions when it comes to their wardrobe. But here are some fashion resolutions to at least consider in 2018. First, have a go-to outfit. It is critical to have that one outfit that is never wrong. This go-to outfit can help you shop smarter for statement pieces. These statement pieces can be a scarf, wide bracelet or dangly earrings.

It may take time, but practice planning ahead on your wardrobe. Combine pieces you never considered before. Mixing and matching what you already have is a great way to save money on clothes shopping. You can also repurpose an item by sewing on pearls or patches. This will breathe new life into the item and make you fall in love with it again.

Open your mind to exploring the latest trends. But do so without compromising your personal style. Also make an effort to find fashion inspiration everywhere you go. You may be surprised by all the inspiration at a restaurant or a hardware store. As with most things in life, it is important to leave your comfort zone and try new things with your fashion. Do not get discouraged if you tried something that did not work. It can actually help you focus on a new trend that did work. Even if something is not quite right, knowing you tried is a great feeling.

Plan or attend a clothing swap where you can trade old items with other people. Chances are people close to you have clothes and accessories they no longer want or need. You can even find local clothing swaps on To determine what to swap, create a pile of clothes to wear in the next couple of months. The items you never wore go to the clothing swap.

When it comes to sustainable fashion there is a clever program called the ’30 Wears Campaign.’ It was started by Liv Firth, the founder of The campaign challenges the shopper to ask herself ‘will I wear it 30 times?’ The main goal is to teach shoppers to slow down and look for quality items instead of rashly buying what is in front of her. As time passes, the shopper will buy fewer new items and landfills will stay a little emptier.

Give thrift stores a chance. You can find designer label items for bargain prices. If all else fails, donate your old clothes to charity. You may not want them anymore. But there are so many people who need it. For example, pay it forward to a formerly homeless woman trying to re-enter the workforce.

A very important resolution Is to stop fixating on the magazine cover girls. Adolescent girls really need to hear this message. Those images are unattainable and a lot of computer work went into making them. Those girls work at least 12 hour days to capture those ‘perfect’ shots. They spend hours in the makeup and hair chair before the photo shoot begins. Then they spend even more hours posing for the cameras.