What To Pack For A Beach Gate-away: Ultimate Checklist

You have chosen a nice beach destination, booked a hotel and bought plane tickets. But something is missing. Right? What are you going to pack for the beach vacation? This can complicate things, especially if you don’t know what items are essential and which are not.
To make things simple for you, we have researched and curated a list of essential items for your beach vacay. Let’s check them out!

What To Pack For A Beach Gate-away: Ultimate Checklist


First on our list is sunglasses. Your eyes need protection from the beach Sunlight. Nice sunglasses such as Ray-Bans, will not only provide protection for your eyes but also make you look amazing. This item is a must to have, you can’t afford to leave home without it.

Water bottles

Obviously, you are not planning to drink the salty seawater. A water bottle would enable you to carry clean and freshwater to protect you from the devastating effect of thirst. Although, there is some concern about the effects of plastics bottle on the environment. So, I would suggest you carry a refillable water bottle that won’t leak and has a clasp on it so you can attach it on your bag all day.

Bikini/ Swimsuit

These might be one of the most essential items you need to pack for beach vacations. Try to carry 2 swimsuits, so that you can wear one as you let the other one dry.


Although many people prefer shorts, it is highly recommended you bring at least 1 or 2 casual dresses to substitute for the shorts. You might pack as many dresses or shorts for your vacation, depending on your preference.


Carry two comfortable pairs of shorts, so you can wear them as you are walking down the beach or around town.


You don’t really want to get sunburns on the first day of your vacation. Beach sun is known to cause scorching and skin burns that sometimes can be very severe. The idea of having a sunscreen should always pop into your mind every time you pack your beach essentials.
You should be keen in selecting your sunscreen. Most of the sunscreen contains chemicals that have been proven to cause lasting damage to the aquatic system. Select a sunscreen that will not only protect your skin but also the aquatic plants and animals.

Swimsuit Cover-up

Swimsuit cover-ups are not just practical but are they also offer you an opportunity to be comfortable and flattering. Choose a swimsuit cover-up that is made of soft material, dries quickly, retains its shape instead of getting baggy and stretches out. Trust me, you don’t want to get out of the water and change while you are still damp.

What To Pack For A Beach Gate-away: Ultimate Checklist

Water Shoes

You will always need to protect your feet in and out of the water because sharp shells and rocks can pierce unprotected foot. You don’t want to risk an infection! Do you now? Water shoes can be worn while swimming, wading, walking and hiking. They usually dry quickly, grip well and don’t collect sands, so they are perfect for beach vacations.