Tips for Looking Fashionable On A Budget

The concept of expensive and inexpensive goes beyond the price tag, as it is more important to know the cost benefit of the clothes you buy than how much it cost. Having said that, let’s consider that we often buy expensive clothes because we believe it is good, and we stop buying a cheap piece because we have doubt about its quality, and that is not always a reality. Not everything that is expensive has quality, and not everything that is cheap is bad.

How to make cheap outfit look expensive?
The outfit that looks expensive will give you more elegant look with refined taste, even if you are wearing cheap parts. See these tips:
Use monochrome colors: Using a single color from head to toe will make you look stylish and rich-looking even if you are wearing inexpensive parts and if the look is all black or white it will further increase that idea. It is still worth using another color in tone on tone, or think of the colored neutrals, such as gray, navy blue and wine.

Use structured purses: Structured purses are more formal and more powerful, and therefore leave the look more sophisticated.
Invest in tailor-made pieces: Even if your style is more sporty and casual, try wearing a tailored pair of jeans, or wear a third-piece vest even in jeans shorts, and you’ll see the result. Nowadays there are more informal pieces of tailoring, such as shorts, blouses cropped and blazers of different materials and colors.

Invest in a minimalist look: Neutral colors, pieces without many details and no prints: Less is more!
Change the mesh for flat fabric: The pieces made of mesh are cheaper and seem to be cheaper than the pieces made with flat fabrics. Replacing a knit T-shirt for a flat fabric tee makes you even more stylish in jeans. Remember that woven fabrics are more noble, so these can give you the look like you’re the rich one!

Prefer Dark Jeans: You do not have to abandon jeans to look more elegant and sophisticated, but opt ​​for darker models rather than washed or stained and torn.
Prefer closed shoes: Sandals are so sexy, because they leave your toes out, but the closed shoes are much more stylish and help you to get an more advanced look.

Use accessories: here is also minimalism, so just use a nice accessory that stands out, like a big necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or a belt. If they are small and discreet accessories, this rich potential increases. Acting the looks is also an allied elegance trick!

Evaluate the quality
It is possible to buy good pieces in clothing stores, but you need patience to find what you want, you need to evaluate the quality of the item. If the seams are tight and reinforced, if the connections between them are carefully finished, if the pockets and cutouts are protected internally… then it is a well made piece.