Top Fashion Trends For Men

The men’s fashion is not the same as the catwalk, but many things we use in everyday life come from there. The fashion shows work with concepts and brands which are in charge of bringing to reality all the pieces that reflect the main trends of that moment.
That’s why we listed the best fashion trends at international fashion shows to present you the top Male Trends. If you’re going to win the streets, then only articles will help you.

Bombed the catwalks
You have already noticed that military fashion is on the rise. For the summer, the bet is to leave the obvious camouflage aside and work on cutting the pieces and colors that refer the style, such as the use of brown, beige, moss green colors.

The muted colors are a strong on spring and summer trend. They are those colors that when mixed with white or light gray go through a whitening, becoming more faint and soft. They remind you of the pastel tones. Bet on the colors: beige, gray, white, olive tones, pale blue and pale pink.

The stripes continue as a strong point for the next seasons. The highlight goes to the vertical stripes, which appeared in several fashion shows and were the best that many designers can offer.

So many men do not like it, but it is more and more present in many fashion shows. The trend is in smaller models (mini shorts), which gained fame in the 70’s, from tailoring fabric.

Sticking with the 90’s fashion, the gym and sport clothes that have gained fame at the time is also on the rise. This year these things appeared more directly, but it may come with a less overt and obvious references. For the next seasons, the styles in the line oversized or with a more fair trim.

Breaking the trend of discrete logos and prints of previous years, the bet will be of the brand orientation, with logos and prints very apparent, as happened in the 1990s. Contrasts of prints, fabrics and even cuts were part of the Gucci brand parades, MSMG, Christopher Shannon and Off-White.

It’s nothing new that the checkered stamp is a great demand for the male outfits. It bombed the Catwalks in every Fashion Week, in the streets and is bombing in the New Collections, so for our next seasons checkered stamp will gain a lot of strength, in many styles, in several colors and even mixing in the same look with other prints.

Timeless fashion
Trendy men’s interest has grown in recent years and continues to grow stronger. Men often seek new combinations of clothing for various occasions. As we have seen, the trend is to repeat some formulas that have been successful in previous seasons and add a few more that try to renovate the men’s wardrobe and, of course, get you excited about buying some more items. Fashion is now prioritizing comfort, but with minimalist style.