Here Are the 2020 Wedding Trends They Should Know

This is your own bespoke big day and you would do whatever it takes to make it a success.

Here Are the 2020 Wedding Trends They Should Know

A Wise Wedding Budget

Couples plan their best to ensure their D-day is grand and memorable. So, how do you make a sustainable wedding?
-Go through the royal budget of your big day and ensure everything is as planned.
-Make sure all the invited guests have travelled well and have been given the ‘VIP’ hospitality.
-Ensure food is enough and none goes to waste; the underprivileged should benefit from this.
-Use stationery from recycled paper (if available) for your wedding.

The Wedding Dress

Whether you are an eco-conscious bride or not, you will want a beautiful, fitting dress that will attract you with a single glimpse. There so many wedding dress brands where you can choose from Marchesa to Carolina Herrera. Here are some examples of the wedding dresses that will see to it that you live happily ever and after.
Mother of Pearl
-Lost in Paris
-Leila Hafzi
-Celia Grace
-Anita Dongre
For those brides who aren’t sure of what dress they want, the bridal designers will help you get something wow.

Closest Friends’ Dresses

Of course, you would have bridesmaids and one thing you would be required to do is dress them to the occasion. Thanks to the many labels that are there to cater for your bridesmaids who in this case are the next most important people after your husband. Here are some labels to help you start off.
-Needle and thread
-Les Heroines

Wedding Day Décor

How will your wedding look like? Couples would want their wedding to be no ordinary wedding. They would prefer something unique that when you log in to Facebook and Instagram, you certainly see a tailored wedding from the clothing to the lighting in the wedding night.
The atmosphere and vibe should bring out itself in a natural way. The ‘small things’ such as the color of the cutlery and balloons will indeed have a great impact on the wedding’s overall vibe.

The Cake

Time to eat! You really need one of those detailed towers for your wedding or even better serve them in 12 different types as Mandy Moore did just the other day. You should make your guests benefit from the edible works of art by making them sit and enjoy the devil in the detail.
Now that wedding cakes are evolving from traditional to modern, as a couple you can take part in designing one of them. Just don’t forget to add a caption on your cake’s post on Instagram.

Here Are the 2020 Wedding Trends They Should Know

The Flowers

Locally grown flowers are what most couples are going for. Some prefer to grow their very own flowers so that they feel like they are on top of the world as they walk along the red carpet onto their majestic tents. The wildflowers, locally grown seasonal blooms or even the dried flowers will do just good to make sustainable bouquets for your wedding.