Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

It is thought that once you reach the age of 50 you start to wear old fashioned clothes or your fashion sense starts to degenerate but meanwhile, it is not true because if you follow the few fashion tips listed below you can still look as stylish and fashionable as your younger self.

Upgrading your style with some scarves
Wearing cardigans, scarves, jackets or extra light clothing that have colorful designs along with your main dress can help make you look elegant and stylish. They go a long way in the looks and style of a woman over 50. Make sure the cardigans are well fitted on you as baggy or saggy sweaters can make you look old fashioned.

Wear some fitted jeans or skinny trousers
With some fitted jeans or skinny trousers you can get that sleek and pleasurable figure and still embrace the curves you desire; even though you can’t find the one for your size, you can get some tailored trousers that suit your body shape. You can wear these with all sort of clothing, but it is advised to wear them with some colorful t-shirts, and blouses.

Knee length skirts
Walking into a clothing store to look for and grab some skirts that reach your knees and is still fitted on you would do you some good. Although the skirts shouldn’t be too tight on you as it can limit your movements. Wearing them with some heels or wedges can give your legs that glamorous look.

Hair cuts
Getting some fresh haircuts or trims that matches and enhances your looks can make you look a lot younger than you do. Applying some highlights of coloring to your hair would definitely help give it a brighter look. You can also weave your hair into various styles that would still match with your dresses in the wardrobe, it all depends on your hair type, taste and looks.

Choose the best size of handbag for you, not too small or too big to match with any type of dressing that you may wear and suit the event you may want to use it for. Making your handbags endless in perky colors can help it look more fashionable and thought to define your age to others.

Accessorize your dressing
Some bracelets, rings, wrist watches, hats, belts and other accessories can give your dressing an extra edge in its elegance. Choose peculiar antique accessories that can give you the billionaire look and try to avoid those cheap accessories as they can downgrade your looks. Wear those that fit your style, clothing, taste and event looking carefully at their colors and design.

Choose the right colors
Applying the right colors for your bags, hairstyles, accessories, tops, trousers, and shoes are important for you to look fashionable. Certain colors or mix-ups tell a lot about your age though, when trying to look as young as possible in these colors you should avoid making yourself look immature at the same time.