Socks Are The Latest Trend

Socks are one piece of clothing that most of us wear during the cold season. However, you do not have to wait until it is cold for you to rock those beautifully patterned socks you may have. There are different brands of socks that you may wear and this will greatly portray that you have a deep fashion sense.

Socks Are The Latest Trend

How to wear your socks

When you have a nice pair of shorts, you can add ankle length socks which will help to boost your appearance. This look will leave you looking like someone from the country side. One can wear patterned or plain socks depending on your taste and the type of shorts that you are wearing.
A tiny dress or skirt is also a clothe piece that ladies can wear with your socks. You can wear them with a nice pair of ankle or knee length boots. If you do not have boots, the socks will serve to give you a boot like appearance. Wearing a nice pair of socks with a skirt or dress will help to break monotony and give you more style.
You can also wear socks with you flat shoes. This is ideal for those who especially have sweaty feet. The type of socks that can be worn under this occasion are the ones that cover only the lower part of the feet and thus cannot be seen on the upper part of the flat shoe.

Types of socks

Patterned socks

These socks have beautiful patterns that give them more style. They are mostly worn by people who are more sensitive about their style and those who want the socks they are wearing to speak out more. These can be worn by both men and women.

Plain socks

These are the most common type of socks that exist. These do not come with patterns but are plain in colour. They are mostly worn by one who wants to have a formal and business look. The good thing about these is that they can be worn with anything as you do not have to be specific when choosing the colour of your other clothes.

Ankle length socks

These are the tiny socks that you can wear with your ankle boots that reach at the ankles. They are very comfortable as they mostly cover your feet. They are ideal if you do not want the socks to speak out more than the clothes you have on.

Knee length socks

These socks reach at the knee level. These can be worn with shorts or with tiny skirts or dresses. These are for the people who want the socks to be more conspicuous than any other piece of clothing they have on.

Socks Are The Latest Trend


Socks are a fashion item that was mostly worn during the cold season. However, this is no longer the case as people have began to wear socks to various events and they demonstrate that one has a deep fashion sense. They are also ideally worn by both men and women.