Street Look Tips from Top Fashion Bloggers

Street style is the way people dress in everyday life. The nickname began when journalists began to observe people who were going to watch fashion weeks around the world with an alternative style and quite different from that seen on the catwalk.
The fashion is very powerful and there are still brands that are responsible for dictating which colors will be the most used in the coming months, the cuts of clothes, length of skirts and models of coats in the winter fashion.
The street style runs away from that. It would be to adapt the trends to something more informal to use in the day to day. Couture is not very accessible and some parts are not feasible for some climates. The alternative is not only to adapt the pieces, but mix trends and achieve more original look.

How to join the street style look?
We can’t talk about women’s fashion without talking about dress, the most beloved piece among women. In the street style it appears with traditional colors and much alternative accessories combining with boots, high heels colored with brightness, thick belts, graphic prints and other nice items. The secret is to innovate and with changing of some items and giving a new face to your dress, it has long been stored in the wardrobe.
Couture is the biggest all Black fan. Black is one of the most used colors on the street and has the advantage of combining everything, besides the famous trick of slimming.
One of the trends that has emerged in street style is combining sweaters with everything. Take a short dress of your own unique color and add a long sleeve top of neutral color like jeans and is already sticking to the style. The look is light, casual and very young.
The main idea of street style is to mix pieces that apparently should not be there like the blazer. Wearing torn shorts is daring depending on the cut of the pieces. It can be combined with high heels as you would wear with your social pants or skirt.
The social trousers get a new look with a cropped blouse with fringe and a nice cotton for an informal outing with friends. It’s a matter of combining colors and blending trends without losing the basic concept of fashion: feel independent regardless of what you wear.

Fashion accessories to help put together your street style
Every look can get even better with the use of accessories and the style of the streets is no exception. Give up your traditional models and go for something different like great necklaces, earrings, many natural stones and colors. You can wear them over the long sleeve of your blouse or over high collars, anyway, they should appear. Shoes can be the very different from anything you can see on streets. Irreverent models can be found in thrift stores or craft stores to get a little out of the ordinary and use a unique print.