Top Fashion Trends For Women

Women go crazy for what will be the new accessory or color of the year, and every month or season we are surprised by new trends and clothes that appear the wardrobe of the famous designers. So, fashion trends are always high points for women.
If you do not quite know anything about current fashion trends or if you get a bit confused to keep up with the changes, this article brings fashion trends you should follow in order to choose best clothes in your closet. Of course there are many pieces, prints, colors and accessories that have seen in trends of year or season, but we have separated six main trends that you need to stay connected through the year.

The pinnacle of pink: Pink certainly already an old acquaintance among our favorite beauty products and accessories. Coming with ever more strength, pink will continue to reign for a while.

Chic Activism: designers began with the idea of ​​stamping activist phrases on their clothes. Slogans with powerful messages form the most varied tees to the world. These messages are loud and clear: let your T-shirt demonstrate exactly your ideologies without letting go of the chic and casual style.

Hand cases: Why use a large and annoying handbag when you just need to carry your cell phone and card? We all want to simplify our daily essentials. The clutches and mini-bags just big enough to store the cell phone and identity. These new darlings are best things for simplicity and practicality, with which you’ll not lose the elegance in different occasions.

Reach for new heights: We love the comfort of our sneakers, but it’s time for a new style of footwear to take over our shoe closet. Stylists propose high-level platforms, such as stained sandals and tall loafers. A dramatic and differentiated leap seems to be new trends of the current fashion.

The maxi earrings: Why mess with success? The maxi earrings were a favorite of the fashion and women’s set last year, and it looks like the trend that will continue to dominate. Several famous brands create each day the highest earrings we love so much, and the good thing about this accessory is that it will never be the same as another and you can wear them in different ways even when your look is average.

Stripes never go out of style: Last year as well as in others, you could have seen stripes in all sizes and colors. Of course, this trend is not only one of the trends of the current fashion since it has been strong for several years, but we could not leave it aside, since the stripes look good in outfits with basic jeans and T-shirt, even in a sophisticated couture dress.

Timeless fashion
Every new year, a lot of news come from the fashion world. Innovative collections are launched and there are also many re-readings and reuse of what gave the talk the previous year.